Stripe it up. 

Fashion is eternal‘- I’ll share my views on this quote. After some digging, I learnt that there are some of the styles have been with us since 70’s. They were popular then and they are NOW. Fashion is described as eternal because the style never really goes away, it just fades when new style is up. Every single style is eternal. Be it floral, pastel, denim, stripe, ruffles, fringes, and a lot more. 
Even accessories played important role in 70’s as compared to 20th century. Statement neckpieces have been a companion since ages. Stripes had been the leading fashion then and NOW too. 

First look– 

Blue and white striped top, paired it with my current favourite ripped denim. This one was a cold shoulder top, but I think it looked better the way I carried it (Yes, I’m confident about how I carry my style). I bought this outfit from a local market in bandra. Accepted this, there’s no better feeling like pairing a striped top with ripped denim. 

This outfit has been my go-to as it is really comfortable. This look is quite simple but for a casual day out or college look it is definitely a big yes. Isn’t it? 😉 

Second look-

I’ve been waiting to post this one. One of my favourite❤️❤️ 

Black and white striped crop top with denim shorts. This outfit is a good-to-go for a day out, lunch or shopping date, dinner date, etc. 

– You can pair a crop top with a bandage skirt or midi skirt and a jacket for a formal look/ chic look. Oh yes, the handbag would be a bonus. 
– If you don’t like wearing shorts, you can always opt for flared pants or culottes. 

– For another casual look pair your crop top with a high waist skirt, and layer with an unbuttoned denim shirt. 

– Make your look fancy by adding a statement necklace, heels, and a chic updo.

Do let me know if you liked this post. Feedbacks are welcomed. 
Much love❤️


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