Hey there, Hope you guys are doing well. Today I’m about to share something personal with you guys. Every time when I’m out for a shoot, I feel excited as well as nervous. Because blogging is not a cup of tea. I’m still struggling each day to find proper location for that particular outfit. Sometimes, I even take a lot of time to post. But, I want to thank you guys for supporting and loving. 
Now, back to my post. 

I wanted to post this earlier. But I needed more pictures in this outfit and different location. If you’re with me on my Instagram, you must have noticed that I’ve already posted one of these post’s pictures long back. Finally, my hunt for that other location and picture is over. 

Bodycon dresses have kinda special place in my heart and wardrobe in the past few months. They’re such an easy and good to go for me (Let me know if you feel the same). I picked this dress long back from a local shop in Bandra. Blue has always been my favourite and happy colour (P.S- My first ever blog post was a blue colour dress, too :P). For my indoor shoot, I paired it with my strappy heels from intoto. Believe me, they’ve an amazing collection. And for outdoor shoot, I paired it with red & white wedges. You can always go for wedges if heels are a pain for you. And some accessories. I chose silver handcuff and a ring. 
Scroll down for pictures and let me know what do you think. 

Much love,



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