Skin care feat. Anatomicals

Hey lovelies. Hope you all are doing great. I’m back with my another review. I’ve been quite slack in writing reviews. Well, these is my first one. In case you haven’t checked my blog, here is the first one. 

Okay, few days before I received the parcel from Wooplr. It was a sachet of face mask.  Not an ordinary face mask, but an exquisite one from the brand Anatomicals. For those who haven’t yet heard of this fantastic and reasonably priced-brand, Anatomicals produces fun and extremely affordable toiletries. Their product range includes skin care, hair care, bath and body as well as lip care. They also have very cute travel sets with eye masks. 

Well, I won’t brag much about a brand because honestly I’ve only used its face mask which left me in awe. Recently, a very popular massage offered in beauty salons is chocolate massage. It is one of the most gentle and relaxing massages available. Not only is it beneficial to the skin, it helps stabilize your mood by initiating serotonin release and soothes your skin. It is very rejuvenating and helps you feel more at peace, happy, and relaxed. Cocoa powder, which is what chocolate is made of, is a wonderful and powerful antioxidant. It protects and frees the skin from free radicals, that cause significant damage to skin layers. It is a mistake to think that chocolate causes acne. Although chocolate has been blamed as one of the causes of acne, this has not been scientifically proven as of yet.


Anatomicals Anti-Stress Chocolate Face Mask looks just like melted chocolate and it really smells good enough to eat! It is easy to use, you just wet your face and pat dry, then apply the mask. It is really easy to apply and there is PLENTY of it so you have a really good coverage out of it. In-fact you can get two servings from one sachet! I used this mask couple of days back, I felt the texture and scent of mask amazing. 

You can buy the face mask from here which is very reasonable. You can get two sessions out of one pack, but I just lathered my face up with the whole pack. I couldn’t resist! You have to apply that mask with your finger tips only, no need to use a brush to lather. It is really smooth like hot chocolate. After applying let it settle on your face for like next 15 minutes. 
The consistency is quite thick, so it’s easy enough to apply. The directions are also clear- just leave for 10-15 minutes to dry, then apply a damp cloth and wipe off. I didn’t have any problem taking the mask off.  

Believe me, it doesn’t irritates skin and there was a improvement in my skin softness. Also, the consistency of the mask was quite thick so it doesn’t drip off. 
After use, my skin felt soft and I did feel relaxed.bI wouldn’t say this face mask is  cure for all skin problems, but a reasonably priced product for weekly use at home rather than going to salons. 


To buy this product- Click here

All the anatomical products- Click here
If you’re going to try out these, share your review too.

Thankyou for reading this. 

Much love!❤️


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