Floral power!

Hey there! Hope you all are doing fine. I know it has been long since I posted something. Well, exams got me busy. 😛 But now, I promise to post every week something new. I’ve been thinking about new things to come up with.

Well, let’s not waste the time (As time is precious) and get on to the new post. As it’s summer season. I thought of posting something about that one. Ever year around this time, floral prints start to emerge on the fashion scene. Basically, florals are the only thing that give a cue of summers. Also, this elegance is something which is ever trendy. Not just summers, florals are good to go in winter and rainy season, too. It’s like people are trying to stop time and hold on to floral power. Florals are not just clothes which are worn in summer season, but it is something which makes one look voguish and comfortable depending on how you carry your style.

REMEMBER- No matter what you’re wearing, carry it with a confidence and style.

I chose two outfits which I thought are trendy these days and comfortable, too. As in summers we only need that type of outfit which are easy to carry and help to wear out the heat.

First outfit-

This is my first outfit. Simple and chic. Whether you choose a floral print dress, pants, crop top, there are plenty of opportunities to style them. I chose to keep my floral outfit minimal. Not too much of heavy makeup or accessories. I wanted to keep it subtle. If you wish, you can pair it with a statement necklace or floral boots. I think floral print is a definite staple in the girly closet. With the perfect print, floral can be edgy too. As a bonus, I can wear this dress in other seasons also.
Dress Forever 21

Belt My store

Heels 20 Dresses (My store)

Lipstick M.A.C Velvetease lip pencil

Second outfit-


I’m in love with this definite piece. This floral crop top is one of my favourite. I paired it up with jeans to give a sporty and chic feeling to my outfit. And, my favourite beige heels. I followed the minimal style here, too. You can pair it with leather jacket and Oxford’s. Mix and match for a perfect look that’s all your own! Comfort is something everyone looks out for. You just have to find your comfort. These are my outfits which I think are good to go for this season.

Floral crop top Max

Jeans My store

Heels 20 Dresses (My store)

And, I’d love to see your style too. You can share. Feedback’s are appreciated! Also, thank you all for the support and love. None of this  would have been possible without your support.

Love! ❤


Clicked and edited by Ashish Gawade 

Location- Powai, Mumbai.


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