The big lingerie party!๐Ÿ’ž Ft.PrettySecrets.com๐ŸŽ€

So, last Sunday (5th March) I had been to this big lingerie party which was super fun. This party was only for insiders. And I feel fortunate to be a part of this. Bloggers like Aakriti Rana Gill and Shaurya Sandhya were part of the first pretty secrets party. 

About PS
– PrettySecrets is a Young, fun & aspirational brand for the new Indian woman that is confident, happy & stylish. It’s extensive range of bras, panties, nightwear, swim & work-out wear is aspirational yet reasonably priced.

Link- Pretty Secrets

Fun at PS– This party was held at PrettySecrets’s office, located in BKC. The office was admirably decorated with pleasing lights and balloons. 


First, we all had an induction of everyone- PS team as well as PS Insiders. We got to know each and every one. We clicked pictures at their selfie booth (goes into imaginary world) as that booth was appealing . They had adorable props too. I’ve shared some of the pictures. Also, they had organised games for us. 

– All the PS Insiders were divided into 4 teams, each consisting 15 members. We were given tasks. Like, we had to create anything we liked from PrettySecrets collection with card paper, decorative materials, ribbons, etc. Everyone participated. This was really fun. Each team had to create 2 things. We had 45 minutes to create that. And, then 2 team members out of each team walked the runway wearing the lingerie created by the group. Out of the 4 teams, 1 team was declared the winning team. And, yay to my team, we were second runner’s up. The 2 winning teams were gifted with eye masks. After games, we had food and that  was it for the day. 

Pictures of PS Insiders who walked the runway

Cutest eye mask

5 minutes more๐Ÿ˜ต
Also, I’ve a good news for ladies who love PrettySecrets. I’ll be sharing 30% discount coupons with you, if you wish to buy. DM me on Instagram- Kinjal Bhanushali  to get your coupon code. ๐ŸŒธ



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